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As Donor Count Rises Dramatically, Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley Is Confident He Will Qualify for Republican Primary Debate: Campaign Expects To Reach Required 40,000 Donor Threshold by End of Week

DES MOINES, IOWA (Aug. 16, 2023)–While presidential candidate Ryan Binkley was hitting the stage for a high-profile “Fair-Side Chat” with Gov. Kim Reynolds at the Iowa State Fair this week, his chances to qualify for the first Republican presidential primary debate were rising faster than a corn stalk in an Iowa cornfield.

“In the last week, we’ve been sharing more about the message in my heart – to see our country get united and solve our biggest problems,” said Binkley, a Dallas businessman and pastor. “This message is resonating with people at the fair and everywhere we go. We are getting thousands of new donors every day. We’ve gotten major attention since the Lincoln Dinner. We’ve been on national news. People are ready for our vision.”

Based on reporting from Binkley’s field teams on Wednesday morning, the campaign currently has about 34,000 unique donors, an explosion of support compared to last month. After Binkley released his 7-Year Economic RESCUE Plan and Border Security and Dignity Plan earlier this month, the campaign picked up tens of thousands of new donors. Since then, Binkley’s campaign has been averaging more than 2,500 new donors a day, which puts it on track to give the candidate the necessary donors needed before the debate criteria deadline on Aug. 21.

“Our federal budget is just out of control. We’re seeing our nation get downgraded in our debt. We need someone who knows finance,” Binkley has been telling voters. “I’m a CEO of a financial investment bank, a middle-market company in Dallas with about 400 employees. I’m running because of a vision to really change the culture of our country and create a new era for America. We are offering solutions, and people are taking notice.”

Donor totals are critical to qualify for the first presidential primary debate in Milwaukee on Aug. 23, because the Republican National Committee requires that candidates gather at least 40,000 unique donors. 

“There’s a movement happening,” Binkley said. “We’re so divided. So many things are broken. We expect to be at the debate because America is ready for something new. We went from just under 9,000 donors to 25,000 donors in one week. We had almost 4,000 donors in one day.”

Binkley launched his campaign in Dallas in late April, created a series of television and radio ads in May, began visiting Iowa every week in June, expanded his grassroots outreach through field workers in July and released plans to balance the budget and solve the immigration crisis in August after weeks of meetings with experts to help formulate the proposals.

Binkley is co-founder and CEO of the mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group. Under his leadership, Generational Group has grown to 16 offices in North America and has sold over 8 billion dollars’ worth of businesses. He and his wife, Ellie, founded Create Church, also in the Dallas area, to care for all members of the community through teaching God’s word, urban missions, food drives, youth ministry and marriage support. As the founder of The Way to Freedom nonprofit, Binkley has combined the wisdom of a businessman and the heart of a pastor to generate fresh, creative ideas to foster unity and solve our nation’s problems.

Members of the media are invited to follow Binkley on the campaign trail, view his online press kit, and schedule a one-on-one interview by contacting his campaign press office at or 214-494-1792.