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Biggest Names in Conservative Politics Welcome Party Unifier Ryan Binkley To The Stage at This Summer’s Two Premiere Showcases for Presidential Candidates

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (July 14, 2023)–Presidential candidate, businessman and pastor Ryan Binkley will join heavy hitters including Tucker Carlson, Governor Ron DeSantis, President Donald Trump and other top conservative voices speaking at two of the biggest political events of the year.

Binkley will address thousands of young Republicans at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Fla., on July 16 and hundreds of elite changemakers for the Republican Party of Iowa Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines on July 28.

“It’s time for a new vision for America. It’s time for us to hear a new voice about how to reconcile and unify our country to solve our biggest problems. That has been resonating the most with Americans coming out to see us,” Binkley said alongside his wife, Ellie, at a recent rally. “They want a common sense solution to our border, a common sense solution to our debt. I know we can do better in education today. It’s broken. As we talk about these issues, everybody’s saying, thank you, thank you.”

The Turning Point Action Conference and Lincoln Dinner both feature Ryan Binkley on the main stage addressing issues and constituents largely ignored by other Republican candidates, from education to health care and immigrants to college students. The Dallas businessman and pastor is sharing his proposals to create a balanced federal budget, end healthcare monopolies, secure the border with a comprehensive immigration plan, and start a volunteer movement to bring education and mentorship into urban communities and schools.

The Turning Point Action Conference brings together the most prominent and influential voices of the conservative movement to focus on priorities and embolden the base ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

The Republican Party of Iowa Lincoln Dinner presents the top GOP candidates facing off in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucus on their way to battling for the chance to take back the White House.

“God wants to bring an awakening back to America economically and spiritually. This is a new message for our country,” Binkley told supporters. “It’s time for us to make a decision. Where are we going to go as a country? Much of America is disappointed; we’re dissatisfied with the status of our country today. We’re divided and unhappy. And so people are connecting to our message that it’s time for us to unite as a country to solve our biggest problems.”

Binkley is co-founder and CEO of the mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group and co-founder and lead pastor of Create Church, both in the Dallas area. Under Binkley’s leadership, Generational Group has grown to nearly 400 employees through 16 offices and has sold over 8 billion dollars’ worth of businesses.

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