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Only One of the 10 Presidential Candidates at Tonight’s Faith & Freedom Coalition Banquet Serves as a Pastor and Church Founder

Ryan Binkley Distinguishes Himself in Front of Hundreds of Christians Gathered in Iowa

DES MOINES, IOWA (Sept. 16, 2023)–Among the 10 Republican presidential candidates speaking Saturday night in front of hundreds of Christians at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition annual banquet, only one is a pastor who has been calling for a spiritual revival since his campaign launched in April.

“Our nation was created by God to be this lamppost of freedom. We’re seeing our freedoms  come under attack. God spoke to me to run because he wants to brighten that lamppost,” said presidential candidate Ryan Binkley, the founder and lead pastor of Create Church and co-founder and CEO of mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group. “We have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. The words Jesus gave us is: Let’s show our love for God by showing your love for your neighbor.”

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird interviewed Binkley and four other candidates one at a time from the stage, while former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed also interviewed five additional candidates in front of the crowd.

Bird asked how Binkley would fight inflation “This is the biggest thing we’re facing everywhere we go,” Binkley answered. “People ask, what are you going to do? This is hurting everybody. I’m the CEO of an investment bank. I have a deep understanding of debt. The Fed keeps raising rates. We’re in a perfect storm. We have to navigate through this time. Be energy independent. Cut spending. Balance the budget. I put together a seven-year rescue plan to balance the budget. If we don’t do that, we’ll be known as the generation that prospered the most and sacrificed the least.”

As the founder of The Way to Freedom nonprofit, Binkley has combined the wisdom of a businessman and the heart of a pastor to generate fresh, creative ideas to foster unity and solve our nation’s problems.

Binkley has seen interest in his vision rise sharply, as evidenced by an increase in donations, poll number and media appearances. He now has more than 50,000 unique donors who have contributed to his campaign, surpassing the amount required to join the second primary debate on Sept. 27 in California. He also received at least 1% of the votes in a national poll and two separate Iowa polls that meet the requirements of the Republican National Committee.

When asked if he would send aid to Israel, Binkley said “absolutely. The bible says he who blesses Israel will be blessed.”
Members of the media are invited to follow Binkley on the campaign trail, view his online press kit, and schedule a one-on-one interview by contacting his campaign press office at or 214-494-1792.