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Presidential candidate in Iowa promoting pro-adoption and pro-life


DES MOINES, Iowa (May 26, 2023) – Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley is on the campaign trail in Iowa meeting with thousands of supporters and party leaders eager to hear his solutions for problems plaguing America, from the country’s debt to ongoing abortion battles.

“We were talking to newspapers, television and radio and all of Iowa about what’s in our heart,” said Binkley, co-founder and CEO of mergers and acquisition firm Generational Group and co-founder and lead pastor of Create Church. “We were sharing with everybody this message, that it’s time for America to believe again, to trust in God again, and to look to each other and unify as a nation to solve our biggest problems. We’re letting this culture of division tear us apart, and it’s time for it to stop.”

Under Binkley’s leadership, Generational Group guides business owners to grow and sell their companies even in difficult times. Binkley said similar strategies can be applied to the nation’s economy. “Instead of spending trillions funding pet projects or bailing out banks and businesses, it’s time for the federal government to pass a real budget, balance it and stick to it,” Binkley said.

From the Westside Conservative Club in the leadoff presidential caucus state of Iowa to the International Christian Community in Dallas, Binkley is traversing the country to share innovative solutions, like his culture of life platform that includes the unborn, children without permanent homes and mothers. “It’s remarkable how many women would choose life if they had some resource that could help them make that decision,” Binkley said.

Though abortion is currently legal in Iowa up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, the Iowa Supreme Court last month agreed to hear arguments to reinstate Iowa’s “fetal heartbeat” law, which was signed in 2018 but blocked by district court and never enforced. If the Court allows the law to take effect as soon as next month when it’s expected to issue an opinion, it would ban abortions after cardiac activity is detected, as early as six weeks of pregnancy. 

“I’m proudly pro-life, but I also believe here that we need to be at service and at the helm to help every woman when she’s in a time of crisis,” Binkley said. As the father of five including an adopted child, Binkley said a push to increase adoption is key.

“Right now we have over 400,000 children in the foster care system, and over 23,000 age out every single year without being adopted. I believe that we can start an adoption movement,” Binkley said. “We can change the culture of life in our country by streamlining the process, making it easier, making it more affordable… a legacy here in our country that life is important.”

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