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Ryan Binkley and Donald Trump Are the Only Two Presidential Candidates on Nevada’s Caucus Ballot

Binkley Outperformed in Iowa Caucuses by Expanding the Tent of the Republican Party

MANCHESTER, N.H. (January 23, 2024)–Nevada’s Republican presidential caucus ballot has only two names, and one of them is Ryan Binkley, a businessman, pastor and presidential candidate from Dallas who is sharing his vision to unite Americans to solve our biggest problems.

“I am headed to Nevada, where there will be a two-person race between me and Donald Trump,” Binkley said. “I am excited to have a great opportunity to really share my message with the nation.”

Binkley beat Asa Hutchinson in the Iowa caucuses before the former governor dropped out of the race, and he beat four others in New Hampshire who had greater name recognition and were on the Republican presidential primary debate stage.

The chairman of the state Republican Party welcomed Binkley to the ballot in Nevada, one of 34 states where Binkley’s name is officially appearing on the caucus or primary ballot. Binkley’s presidential campaign is actively working to get his name on the rest of the states’ ballots.

Binkley’s grassroots presidential campaign has attracted more than 80,000 donors since launching in April 2023. Binkley has outlasted a senator, multiple governors and a former vice president. He’s attended more than 200 campaign events and was the first 2024 presidential candidate to visit all 99 counties in Iowa. Even with no national name recognition yet, he received four times more votes than Hutchinson.

Binkley has been exceeding expectations by expanding the tent of the Republican party and reaching out to voters on college campuses and in urban America who have been forgotten by the rest of the party. Unlike his opponents, Binkley agreed to participate in the Iowa Brown and Black Forum, the fourth oldest presidential forum that was canceled this election season because of a lack of participation by Republican candidates.

“They had a golden opportunity. Everybody’s got polls saying, minorities — Black and brown, Latino and Blacks — are supporting the Republican party,” Brown and Black Forum Founder Wayne Ford told WOI-TV

Ford told NBC News that only one presidential candidate offered a firm commitment to attend the forum: Ryan Binkley.

Binkley committed to be at the Brown and Black Forum because he “recognized the deep need for reconciliation in our nation, not just politically and economically, but certainly racially.”

Skipping opportunities like the Brown and Black Forum is another example of why the Republican Party has lost 46 of the top 50 cities and failed to win more than 46% in the popular vote, Binkley said.

“I’m reaching out to urban America. The Republicans have not done a good job of that. Our message should resonate with everyone,” Binkley said. “We need to teach young kids how to read, write and do math. Only one out of six eighth graders in urban America are reading at the eighth grade level. So I want to start a volunteer movement with college students. For five hours a week, they’ll tutor third graders through fifth graders. Let’s engage the community.”

Binkley proposes that college students mentor inner-city youth to improve high school graduation rates and educational rankings through a new volunteer organization called S.A.V.E (Serving And Volunteering through Education).

Binkley’s momentum continues to build as more voters learn about his vision to unite Americans around their common goals and his plans to balance the budget, transform healthcare and reform immigration

Binkley is the co-founder and CEO of Generational Group, a Dallas-based mergers and acquisitions firm that has grown to nearly 400 employees with 16 offices in North America and has sold over 8 billion dollars’ worth of businesses. He and his wife, Ellie, founded Create Church in the Dallas area to care for all members of the community through teaching God’s word, urban missions, food drives, youth ministry and marriage support. Ryan and Ellie Binkley have five children ages 13 to 23.

Members of the media are invited to follow Binkley on the campaign trail, view his online press kit and schedule a one-on-one interview by contacting his campaign press office at or 214-494-1792.