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Ryan Binkley Campaign Releases New TV Ad Urging GOP To Move ‘Beyond 46’

Presidential Candidate Continues To Focus On Iowa While Expanding Efforts To New Hampshire

Richmond, TX (4 August 2023)–Ryan Binkley’s presidential campaign unveiled a new television ad titled “Beyond 46.” The 30-second spot, which begins airing today in Iowa and New Hampshire, urges Republicans to expand their tent and message, so the party and the nation can start winning again.

“The Republican Party has a serious problem that the other candidates don’t want to admit or face,” Binkley explained. “Since President Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory in 1984, our party’s presidential returns have gotten worse with each new election. Now, we seem to be stuck at 46% of the popular vote. That won’t change until we change our message and our messengers.”

Binkley is confident he is the candidate who can move the party and the country beyond the 46th president, beyond losing 46 of the top 50 cities, and beyond 46% in the popular vote. In “Beyond 46,” Binkley lays out his vision for uniting America to solve the nation’s most significant crises. 

“The only way we are going to tackle our national debt, secure the border, solve immigration, and transform healthcare is to work together,” Binkley said. “Our current leadership in Washington does not seem able, or even willing, to do that.”

The new ad continues the candidate’s efforts in Iowa and marks the Binkley campaign’s first television effort in New Hampshire.

“We’re excited by the responses we’re getting from the crowds both in Iowa and New Hampshire,” Binkley concluded. “Americans are hungry for a vision that will unite our nation and put us back on the way to freedom.”

Beyond 46 also represents Binkley’s efforts to expand the Republican party’s reach with young people and urban America.

“Our Beyond 46 message reaches into urban America with vocational and trade school training.  This will allow hundreds of thousands to finally have a career and meaningful employment,” Binkley said. “I will also lead a new volunteer movement in primary education that allows college students to help tutor and mentor children to read, write and do math, so they can succeed at every level.”

You can view the “Beyond 46” ad here. For more information on the Binkley campaign, visit

A featured speaker at the Turning Point Action Conference and the 2023 Lincoln Dinner, Ryan Binkley is the CEO of Generational Group and lead pastor of Create Church. Ryan and his wife, Ellie, reside in Richardson, Texas. They have five high school and college-aged children.

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