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Support and Aid for Israel Grows As Evangelical Christian Leaders Mobilize Communities To Respond To The Middle East Crisis

Presidential Candidate, Businessman and Pastor Ryan Binkley Calls On The United States To Stand With the Jewish People No Matter “What It Costs”

DALLAS, TEXAS (OCT. 20, 2023)–Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley is calling on the United States to defeat the Hamas terrorist group responsible for the brutal attacks on Jews, as his church joins many other organizations sending money and humanitarian relief to Israel.

“We stand with and pray for Israel, our friend and ally,” said Binkley, co-founder and CEO of mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group. “Let’s make sure there’s love, there’s food, there’s shelter, whatever is needed. And let’s do what we can do right now. Let’s not walk away.”

Binkley and his wife, Ellie, are co-founders and lead pastors of Create Church. The Binkley family and their church have donated to four key religious organizations that are either directing emergency aid to those who have lost loved ones or supporting the war effort: United Nations for Israel, Maoz Israel, Firm Israel and Chabad of Dallas.

“It’s embedded in our hearts. As Christians, we just want to see peace in that region,” Binkley said. “It is the birthplace of Christ. It’s where Christ died. It’s where he is resurrected. It’s prophesied that’s where he will return.”

Binkley’s unwavering support for Israel is based on the origins of Christianity in the Bible and the modern place it holds as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East with tolerance for all faiths.

“They are one of the only countries in the Middle East where you can practice all religions openly and without punishment,” said Binkley, who has visited Israel twice including a recent spiritual trip in November 2022. “When Israel became a nation, the first show of support was President Truman and the United States of America. He said, we’re backing you right now. This month as thousands of rockets were fired towards Israeli towns, our hearts were heavy. We are standing with Israel.”

Create Church held a prayer session as Christians nationwide joined together to pray for the war to be resolved.

“Hopefully, at the end of this, there will be lasting peace, for Palestinians, for Muslims, for Jews, for Christians,” Binkley said. “That would be my prayer, that there would be an awakening of the heart to allow evil to leave and let love conquer this.”

Binkley has called for a humanitarian solution for Palestinian refugees and accountability for those responsible for the mass tragedy and devastation.

“I don’t care what it costs; it’s not time for the United States to leave them alone and let terrorism spread throughout the Middle East,” Binkley said. “While the Hamas terrorist organization conducted this horrific attack, we must also hold their sponsor, Iran, fully accountable.”

Ryan Binkley is the only presidential candidate who is a pastor calling for a spiritual revival since his campaign launched in April. Binkley and his wife co-founded Create Church to care for all members of the community through teaching God’s word, urban missions, food drives, youth ministry and marriage support. 

“People think Republicans don’t care about those who are hurting in society. We have to change this narrative,” Binkley said. “I care. I am leading this charge to connect to all people.”

Binkley also views business as a way to serve people, through jobs and financial security. He has grown his firm Generational Group to nearly 400 employees through 16 offices in North America that have sold over 8 billion dollars’ worth of businesses. 

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