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Young Republicans in Tennessee & Washington, D.C., Welcome Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley Friday & Saturday

The Father of Five Children Ages 13 to 23 Says Young People Are the Reason He’s Running

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 1, 2023)–They grew up in the aftermath of 911, watched their parents struggle through the Great Recession and have never known a world without the internet, and now young people are embracing political candidates like Ryan Binkley who are focused on battling the safety, economic and mental health woes that are plaguing their generation.

“Young people 18 to 30 are facing an unusual generational crisis,” Binkley said. “The cost of rent is 30% higher. Home mortgage rates are double that of two years ago. Close to 50% of young adults are forced to live with their parents out of college because our national leaders have failed us financially. I am in the race for the next generation. If no one stands up for them now, it will be too late five years from now.”

Presidential candidate Ryan Binkley is a key speaker at the Tennessee Young Republicans’ Second Annual Governor Winfield Dunn Dinner tonight in Nashville and the DC Young Republicans (America) First Christmas Party of the Season tomorrow night in Washington, D.C.

“This generation that grew up in the Covid years is also dealing with mental health and addiction issues that have not been seen in decades,” Binkley said. “It’s time that we give vision, hope and a plan for success to our future leaders of America.”

This month Binkley beat Doug Burgum and Vivek Ramaswamy to take fourth place in a mock caucus during the Young Republicans National Federation Fall Conference in Iowa, shortly after completing the Full Grassley Tour by visiting with voters in all 99 counties in Iowa. Last week Binkley sat down to hear the concerns of Gen Z during a Pizza and Politics in the Pub event at New England College in Henniker, N.H.

“I’m trying to reach out to college students.The Republicans have not done a good job of that. Our message should resonate regardless of your age,” Binkley said. “I want to start a volunteer movement with college students. For five hours a week, they’ll tutor third graders through fifth graders in the inner city. Let’s engage the community. We need to teach young kids how to read, write and do math. Only one out of six eighth graders in urban America is reading at the eighth grade level.”

Binkley is the co-founder and CEO of mergers and acquisitions firm Generational Group and co-founder and lead pastor of Create Church. As an expert in finance, Binkley is introducing a new economic approach through his campaign proposals to secure the border, balance the budget, and reform healthcare. As the founder of The Way to Freedom nonprofit, Binkley has combined the wisdom of a businessman and the heart of a pastor to generate creative ideas to foster unity and solve our nation’s problems.

“America is in desperate need of an economic revival and a heartfelt spiritual revival,” Binkley said. “We’re so broken in these areas. We’ve never been this divided in my lifetime. If we don’t come together to solve some of our biggest problems, we’re going to be in a lot of trouble, more so than we are now. That’s why I’m running – for the next generation.”

Binkley launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in April and has received contributions from more than 81,000 unique donors. His campaign has completed the steps to officially appear on the primary ballot in all early states and is submitting signatures and fees to get his name on the ballot in the remaining U.S. states and territories. 

Members of the media can download assets at the campaign’s online press kit and schedule interviews by contacting the campaign press office at or 214-494-1792.